Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yes you read that right

The week before we left on vacation was filled with activities and tons of Christmasy explorations. You can read all about what I crammed into one week on my blog Klinger Café. If you want to check out my co-teacher’s exciting last day you can find it at First Grade Delight. But if you want to know something we did together read on.
Friday morning we were summoned invited by the school counselor to have her son show our classes how to juggle.  She feels it will be one more thing on our list very beneficial to have our wiggle butts more than average fidgety kids to learn how to juggle. She explained that if their hands are throwing balls at each other busy then they will be focused on who to throw the ball at more attentive.
So being the nice obliging teachers we are we asked if we had to be in the room carved out a nook of time for her son to visit. B. and her kiddos crammed themselves came into my room and the juggling began. Our kiddos were engrossed in the mechanics and the expertise of this boy (by boy I mean around 20). He discussed what he was doing and then let them practice. It was interesting nice.
I could tell by the end he had won them over (the jury’s still out on the two teachers). As he finished up I could see many of them wanted to ask him questions. He said he would take a few. One girl was particularly excited to ask a question (the one that had spent the morning sitting by my desk on the floor because she had slapped another girl in the face for sitting in HER spot, really). So as he finished up I called his attention to C. by asking her if her mom juggles when she swallows her FIRE sticks. Yes, you read that right. Her mother swallows flame for a living. Ok that’s not ALL she does, she is also a welder by day-see the relation firewelderwelderfire. C. explained no her mother does not juggle, but when they go to the “parties” there are people there that juggle FIRE among other things! And we wonder why the sadistic sweet little girl SLAPS!
Here are some pictures of our FIRST juggling experience. Look at one of B.’s sweet little girls she did not want to turn loose of that ice bag; she must have been in a lot of pain.
Don’t they look cute in all their Christmas get ups attire?
Have a Holly Jolly Juggling Christmas and Fun Flaming New Year!