Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogging World Here We Come

Did you hear that?  Well, that was my awesome blogging partner Tammy yelling whispering in my ear....  “you can do can do it.”    So here I am tip-toeing bursting forth into the blogging world with not a clue where this new adventure is going to take me.   

I am so nervous excited to be sharing this journey with such an amazing friend!   She is so talented...  and to be totally honest, I’m kinda hopeful 
some of her creativity will rub off on me a bit!

When I began my teaching career, I never dreamed that I would be teaching adorable little first graders.   Fortunately for me, Tammy pushed walked me through a door of teaching that I never knew existed.     

Before summer started, I discovered the awesome world of blogging.  Oh My Gosh!!    I’m totally embarrassed to admit how much time I spent stalking first grade blogs.   By the end of the summer, I thought I had discovered them all!!! J  When I finally pulled my head out of the computer, I realized that the new school year was ready to begin!  WOW!!   My head continues to spin from all the wonderful ideas I discovered.

And so...this journey begins.